Building trust during ongoing
legal case


  • Personification: Projection of the (new) managing board as a credible, open and competent contact
  • Dialogue management: De-escalation and generation of confidence by way of ongoing, personal contact (general assemblies / discussions)
  • One voice: Standardisation of communications by way of tight coordination between the project team and representatives of the company, the planning office, surveyors and solicitor’s office
  • Simplification: Translation of technical terminology into targeted, comprehensible explanations Systemisation: Implementation of new communication methods such as, for example, newsletters and letters to provide ongoing communications


Open dialogue, no negative headlines in the national press, increased credibility, gradual increase in acceptance amongst inhabitants of constructive solutions.

“Keep our company out of the headlines!”

Ahead of the IPO of a conglomerate, its real estate subsidiary decides to change its strategy in a compensation case. Ahead of any decision being made against the construction company, it wants to remediate significant deficiencies at over 100 houses located at a specific development. The cost risk involves several million Euros. At the same time, the real estate company will continue in its case against the construction company. After years of conflict, a climate of trust needs to be encouraged between the real estate company and the owners so that the corrective maintenance can be carried out within a pre-determined budget.

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Strategische Kommunikation
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