Corporate Communications


  • Development of a new profile. Communications, which to date have been of a more technical nature, are to become a lot more emotional. User benefits are given greater prominence. Focus on communication messages of strength and innovation.
  • Designation of a new logo and claim.
  • Development and creation of an entirely new corporate identity
  • Dialogue communications, including regular employee information (newsletters), etc., to accompany internal quality initiative.
  • Targeted (trade) media work, issues management
  • Trade show support


Employees relate to the new identity. Quick acceptance amongst both customers and partners. Increasing acceptance as a global player.

“Help to give us a new identity!”

Over the five years since its foundation, a joint venture has grown very rapidly and become a global player in vehicle climate control. With the blessing of the parent companies, the subsidiary company is seeking to create a more independent market presence and to professionalise its communications.

Kommunikative Integration, Unternehmenskommunikation, Erklärungsbedürftige Themen,
Strategische Kommunikation
Wirksame Konzepte für den kontinuierlichen Dialog
Die Schwerpunkte unserer Tätigkeit liegen in drei Bereichen: Chemie, Automobil und Verbandsarbeit.
Strategie, Konzeption und Kommunikationstools
Jasmin Bird führt die KommForce GmbH – Agentur für strategische Kommunikation als Inhaberin und Geschäftsführerin
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